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Equalify Download page

Equalify HAS to be installed to the same directory as Spotify

Remember to RESTART spotify and PLAY A SONG for the eq to load and the button to show up

INFO: (11 Mar. 2015) Equalify does NOT work with the latest spotify update (v1.0.1.x)
There is no fix in sight. But Equalify Pro will be released as soon as possible and it will work!
You can sign up for the beta of equalify pro here.

  File Size


Equalify v2.5.3 0MB Equalify is not available for download until an updated version for the new spotify client is released.

Easiest way to find the correct install directory is to:

  • right click your spotify shortcut
  • select "properties"
  • and read the shortcut "target"
  • Then select that folder in the installer when it asks!

Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT Omega Soundcards

If You have an Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT Omega soundcard you will probably need to download the following tool to be able to use the Equalify plugin in Spotify.
These cards all use the same soundchip and use some generic drivers as a base for their brand drivers, and they interfere with how windows is supposed to work.
This tool is provided as a "workaround" for the issue and will disable the built in GX/EX features of the soundcard. There is also an option to re-enable everything in the tool.
Keep in mind that you use this tool at your own risk. It has been tested on our side, and there is no apparent side-effects.

  Equalify GX/EX Fix ~18kb Only useful for people with the above listed soundcards.

If for some reason you get an error when playing a song after installing equalify, download the Microsoft Visual c++ 10 Runtime from microsoft.

Extra files
  Microsoft Visual c++ 10 Runtime ~4MB Download directly from Microsoft
(Windows ONLY)

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ANY issues!? Mail:

- OR -

EQ button
EQ button position

After installation you will see an "EQ" button next to your spotify search box. (make sure you play a song and check again before asking for help)

Left click to show/hide the EQ
Right click to toggle the eq on/off.

EQ button
Default presets

Save your own presets, or use one of the default presets provided for you. Keep in mind that the default presets are only meant to give you something to start with, you will need to tweak them to make them sound good! (The preamp limiter will automatically turn on when using a default preset)

EQ button
Automatic pre-amp limiter

Use the Auto PreAmp-Limit to make sure the audio wont distort or clip while using the equalizer. (I reccomend having this enabled)

EQ button
Soundcard switcher

Ever wanted to change the soundcard spotify plays from?

With the equalify device changer you can select the soundcard you want without having to change the default output of your machine.