INFO (29/01/12): The Equalify website has experienced a few connectivity issues today making the website unreachable. Everything should be back up now. We apologize for the inconvenience!


INFO: (11 Mar. 2015) Equalify does NOT work with the latest spotify update (v1.0.1.x)
There is no fix in sight. But Equalify Pro will be released as soon as possible and it will work!
You can sign up for the beta of equalify pro here.

What is Equalify

Equalify is a 10 band equalizer made for Spotify. It is the only equalizer addon for spotify and the only addon that integrates this closely with spotify. And the best part... Its FREE!

(Windows Only)


How do YOU get it?

All you have to do is to download the installer, and you are ready to play music that sounds more dynamic than ever!

(Make sure you remember to play a song before thinking its not working! It loads when you play the first song. Look for the EQ button next to the search box!)

Please make sure you completly close spotify before installing. And if the installer asks you to reboot, you must reboot for the new version to work!

How to contact us

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